Saturday, November 21, 2015

15 Gifts $30 and Under for Women and Teens

These are good additional gifts to give, or can stand alone depending on the occasion. The prices range from $10-$30. Some of these would be good to gift adults as well, like the macaron items.

1. HipFits. At $10, these are a good price. They are accessories you can clip on to a purse, backpack, etc. I discovered if you go on their site, a window pops up offering you a code for free shipping! So there you have a good gift for exactly $10. 

2. Earzings. These are an alternative stick-ons, and real earrings that require pierced ears. They come in different styles..I like this purple one.

3. Glasstic Water Bottle. A shatterproof bottle made of glass and plastic. The floral one is pretty. This might make a good back to school gift rather than a present for a special occasion.

4. David Maitland charm bracelet. I found out about these on There are many different bracelets, like Sweet 16 theme, 18th birthday, or 21st. You can customize it, if for example if there is a charm you want substituted.

5. Candles. Some people enjoy candles with jewelry, and there are many brands to choose from: Jewelry In Candles, Prize Candle, Show & Tell Candles, and so on.

I would get a scent of the recipient's favorite dessert, flower, etc. for instance. One thing to keep in mind is some tweens/teens might not be allowed to have candles.

6. Macaron trinket box. They can hold small pieces of jewelry, as well as be extremely decorative.

And there is also this macaron floating pen if you want to spend more money.

7. PoshPak. They have an option to gift a single box for $30. These boxes seem to be of great value, because they contain accessories, tech, and trinkets. The teen box usually has more makeup. There are many reviews online with photos, available by searching for example "PoshPak October 2015 Review."

8. The Secret Garden coloring book. This is VERY popular, and the designs are beautiful. This book is likely responsible for the rise in popularity of adult coloring books. You can gift some coloring pemcils or gel pens with it if you like.

9. This fashion sticker book. A fashion book of illustrations complete with stickers to decorate it with.

Here is a sneak peak inside: Usborne Clothes and Fashion book

10. Lilly Pulitzer. Since the bright prints and floral patterns are so pretty, it might be nice to buy a Lilly phone case, tumbler, or tote bag. This one here is only $10.
11. A necklace (fashion jewelry): amethyst, sapphire, ruby etc. Here is an amethyst neclace on Amazon that was recently on sale for about $10. 

12. BYOU magazine subscription. This magazine encourages a girl to be herself, and of course uplifting messages are always good. A year's subscription is $18.

13. KissNaturals beauty craft kits. They have DIY lip gloss, bubble bath, hair chalk etc. I really like how they use natural ingredients. This mini lava lip gloss set pictured below is sold online for $10.

14. "Popular: A Vintage Guide For The Modern Geek" by Maya Van Wagenen. It was released in paperback earlier this year, and seems to be a lovely memoir published a couple of years ago when the author was 15.

15. A SunCoat natural nail polish gift set. This one is my favorite, retails for $17.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tate's Bake Shop: An Ode To Their Brownies

Tate's Bake Shop is my favorite sweet shop these days, mainly because of the brownies. They're moist, and rich with good quality chocolate. They will sparkle up your day,  even without a birthday candle. I usually eat the brownie over the course of a day or two to make it last. 

I like their chocolate chip cookies as well, but can only pen praises about the ones I am best friends with.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dr Lucy's Cinnamon Thin Cookies Review

                                              Disclaimer: I received a product free in exchange for a review

Dr. Lucy's cookies are gluten free and certified non-GMO. They also sell brownie crisps. 

From the cookie category, there are lemon, sugar, pumpkin, chocolate, oatmeal, maple bliss, and what I chose: cinnamon. I think there are 16 of these charms in a box.

The cookies are hard (I'm not being hard on them, just in case anyone wants to know) as opposed to soft. They're the perfect size, larger than bite size but not as big as a cookie you may buy individually.

They were flavorful and a fine silk bed of cinnamon is resting on the cookie (excuse the poetry.) 

Dr. Lucy Gibney made these treats with the intention of being allergy friendly (this all began when her child developed food allergies) so they do not contain peanuts or tree nuts. They are have 0g trans fat, 0mg cholesterol, and are vegan. See more certifications here

Anyway, these were delicious and my brother and I ate them quickly and would definitely recommend them as snacks.

I plan on purchasing Dr Lucy's other cookie flavors. Which would you choose to buy, if you saw them on the shelves of the supermarket?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Preppy Southern Clothing Brands

Even though I am not from the south myself, I admit their traditional southern preppy brands are cute. Here I am going to share with you some of the less famous ones. I learned about them searching for free stickers, I admit. :) One of these places sends a sticker for only $1... in case anyone is googling things you can buy online for a dollar.

What you notice about a lot of the upcoming tees is they are "proudy made in the USA." I might buy a couple even though I usually don't spend that much on Tshirts (these are more pricey).

Southern Girl Prep: free stickers when you follow and tag on instagram or facebook. 

And one of the stickers that can be purchased from their site:

Dixieland Collection: This is on tees and a free desktop background

Fraternity Collection: This shirt can be found here.

Itsa Girl Thing: Great for everybody, as not all their shirts have "south" written on them. For eg in the "Just Fun" tees section there are a lot of kinds of Tshirts.

Fripp and Folly: outdoor lifestyle brand for guys

Southern Fried Cotton: countryside and coastal theme shirts with their logo

Lauren James: a huge selection (well at least comparatively) as they sell not only tshirts but other clothes and many accessories. Their stickers are really nice. The artwork on the shirts are airy and pretty. 

Lily Grace: preppy clothing and accessories for women e.g

Tied to the South: Mainly bow tie (logo) and dog shirts 

Southern Marsh: "The Original Southern Outfitter" 
Southern Tide: "Preppy Clothing: Best Polo Shirt Brands"

Southern Proper: "Preppy Clothing and Accessories"

Southern Lure: nautical theme tshirts, hats, rope bracelets etc

Burlebo: outdoors and southern theme shirts and caps (for guys)

Jadelynn Brooke: "My Mason Jar Runneth Over" shirt

Sticker Request: (This is what they look like)

Southern Anchor: shirts, hats, koozies etc with anchor logo

Crescent Cotton Tees: "Deeply Rooted in Southern Ground" 
Shirts and hats with their logo on various backgrounds

Southern Shirt: Tshirts with Southern theme such as state flag, bowties etc

A couple others:

Bayview Prep (Florida based, supports wildlife there)
free sticker:

Makai Clothing (supports turtles)

These are actually not all of them, if a brand (especially small) stumbles on this and wants theirs added, please email or leave a note in the comments.

Monday, August 24, 2015

London Themed 3D Stickers Purchase

I bought London theme stickers from this Etsy store a while ago. (It says sorry it's sold but I'm not sorry because it was me. :) I searched for 3D stickers and found them. Stickers are great if you're into the new Let's Send More Snail Mail phase (which I am). They make nice decorations on letters and in journals. Between stickers and coloring books, I think people will realize children get all the good things. When will they start a playground for adults? I want to play on the slides without getting weird looks.

The stickers came wrapped in red tissue paper, and the envelope was quite pretty as well. It made opening the package fun too, instead of just the item.

Things I Wished Existed In the Blogging World

1. A service where you can find tech savvy people to do blogging chores for you, like adding a navigation bar, explain how to post text under pictures and not mess it up, and perhaps coding classes for those who want to learn. (But it is possible some people just want to have others do these things for them, you know).

2. An article explaining how to find people who will actually like your blog. Stop with the 10,000 articles how to increase your followers. There needs to be more on how to find your niche audience, e.g tips on picking the perfect post title so people find you, etc. It seems like having a good description helps, so if you write a mommy blog you should mention that. Or "teenage homeschooler" etc, people usually search for blogs they can relate to. Blogland should be an organized place, where everyone can find what they want easily. If there is such a good free directory that exists, I have not found it yet.

3. A law firm/service that connects bloggers with lawyers who can help with sweepstakes laws, images, FTC disclosures, etc. For the average blogger who might not need that, clear explanation of the pertinent laws on the website (for free or as a course) should be provided.

4. A list of unpopular link parties, i.e link parties with few link ups. It appears these parties are more effective in getting your post seen. I would always be in a worry this master list gets popular, though.

Is there anything you wish existed in Blogand? There needs fo be structure in the Blogspot Candy Factory!

Justin's Snack Packs Intro, & Milk Cups and Almond Butter Short Review

It surpised me to read blogs, and see how oft mentioned Justin's peanut butter cups are. Maybe it's because 
we-correctly-don't look into friends snack cupboards when visiting. So perhaps the Internet is the best way to find out about people's snack loves.

Firstly, Justin's has a new product called the snack pack (almond butter and pretzels, the picture will explain :) 

And, they give you options for the almond butter so they come in three flavours: Maple Almond, Chocolate Hazlenut, Classic Almond.

Food For Thought: I spelled flavours with a "u," it Just(came)In naturally. Google's spellcheck is calling me out on it, by the way! But it occurred to me: doesn't it save space in books and time to write these words without the u? #scoreamericans 

Next, the milk chocolate peanut butter cups are quite tasty. They seem to be a national favorite right now. Goodbye, Reeses.

The almond butter is also good, it contains sugar by the way. You will never know you are not eating peanut butter (for those who are weaning off that stuff). Here is a snack of the classic almond butter and jam, with roasted peanuts on the side.

What is your favorite Justin's item, if you have tried any? 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tattered and Reclaimed Treasures Giveaway

Disclaimer: I receive an entry if you enter through these links. :)

Enter this giveaway to win some lovely items. The giveaway ends on Tuesday midnight Pacific time (in 9 hours).

One grand prize winner will receive:

—A copy of Tattered and Mended

A vintage flatware key ring

A handcrafted "broken china" charm bracelet

A recycled guitar string bracelet

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good Deals on Pretty, Elegant, and Shiny iPhone 6/6 Plus Cases

There is a deal today for these leather cases. They come in blue and pink. Original price: $29.95. Now: $8.95.

Blue iPhone 6 
Blue iPhone 6 Plus

Pink iPhone 6 Plus 

This one is a shiny, sparkly, "bling" iPhone 6 plus case. It is marked down from $44 to $14.95.

There is also this green case (it is a bit bright) that is on clearance for $7. There are others on sale for this price too, which can be found by searching "Lace Leather Folio."

All of these deals are on, and similarly all of the photos belong to them.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Something to Luv: A New Gift Service

© Luv.

Luv. initiative seems like a spectacular new service. It appears that someone had to come up with a beautiful gift giving website, and they have done it. 

They are selling jewelry, houseware, ceramics, stationary, glass art, accessories, and more (when they open). "Luv. products are all hand-crafted, high quality, low environmental footprint pieces infused with love and produced by artists who are mindful about the world around them," it was stated in their newsletter. 

Luv. is like a hidden code, love: Love, Unconditionally, Veraciously, Period. 

Best of all, they donate 50% of the net profits to five select charities. They are focusing on children's charities for this round.

There are over eighty items in the upcoming collection. There will be two collections a year, and different kinds of charities will be supported with each collection. 

There is a giveaway being hosted on their website, and this is my referral link:

Whoever wins the grand prize will win a year worth of gifts, with a value of $1600. There are also other prizes being offered (including a $10 gift card for every entrant), so click the link if you're interested. 

Luv. Website:

Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story by Vanessa Morgan

Purr-chase me on Amazon

We hear often of dog memoirs. But how about cat memoirs? Here is one for you.

"From Amazon bestselling author Vanessa Morgan, Avalon is the heartwarming and once-in-a-lifetime love story of a girl and her neurotic Turkish Van cat." (Amazon Blurb)

This book has touched my heart before even reading it. I know Turkish Van cats are truly precious. It's like they have been bathed in sparkling, unique personality water. (Which has been lit by a torch..) Avalon seems to be no different. He is neurotic, apparently to the extreme.

This book promises to be a highlight of events, escapades, and love. Pet lovers might enjoy any animal story, but I think this is one everyone will like.

This seems like a book that should be on your TBR list, or better yet, your R. ;) I hope to read it soon.

Enjoy kitliterature? Then look at this mew cat book: Avalon: A Heartwarming True Cat Story by Vanessa Morgan.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gmo Free, Gluten Free Grocery Gnibbles

 Image plucked from Hail Merry
Hail Merry Miracle Tart Meyer Lemon ®

This tart will satisfy your sweet tooth, and is feel-good-eating at the same time. It has a nice lemon taste, and you will have a happy few moments of this taste on your tongue. It is probably more fun to eat it all in one sitting than to save it for later.

 To see if a store near you carries them, use the store map on

But the best thing to do would be to pick up one or two at the grocery store, rather than the 12 pack on the website.  

Kinnikinnick's Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

These are really nice doughnuts, and well flavored with cinnamon. (Perhaps that is mostly sugar ;). I would buy them if you are in the mood for doughnuts, and are going to a store that stocks them. 

Perfect Peanut Butter Bar

Image Source: Perfect Bar

This peanut butter bar is delicious, I think the best I've ever tasted. It is also fairly large, which makes you grateful there is more of it. I would recommend it 100% if you want a peanut butter treat, and more impressively, if you do not. 

Saturday Small Things #1

1. As mentioned in the previous post, Cricket magazine has their their current May/June issue free digitally. It's an opportunity to read professional children's literature.

2. Why not read Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay? (I'm running out of ideas, so I'm just giving you random assignments. You know, like how teachers assign homework).

3. If you like Connect Four, this new twist on the classicly modern game is now available:
Connect Four Game

This is not an affiliate link. But I might try to get money from you later.

4. Try your hand at penpaling (the pun is a bit foggy...) and email someone on, but don't sign up yourself, that is a bit queer.

5. The next time an ant/bug/spider is in your room, ask them politely to leave and see what happens. Try speaking in different langauges.

And share some of your Saturday Small Things below, so people can get ideas.

Cricket Magazine

                              © Cricket Magazine

Cricket Magazine is a good magazine for children's literature. The stories are well written, entertaining, and nicely illustrated. They try to keep many different genres, so everyone is happy. The Letterbox is brimming over with kids' enthusiasm for their passions and hobbies, and the charming little critters (Cricket, Ladybug, etc) are featured in comic strips throughout.

Spider magazine has the same charm, but for a younger audience (6-9). As for Cricket, it is aimed to 9-14 year olds. But age is just a label. It seems there are always some 15 and 16 year olds writing in to say they really like Cricket magazine, and they don't want to move up to the next one, Cicada, yet.

It would be really nice for kids to receive this magazine just for them in the mailbox.

Cricket is offering this years' summer issues for free digitally, on Apple Newsstand and Google Play.

Newspapers like The Youth's Companion, Golden Days for Boys and Girls, etc used to offer almost exclusively stories in their papers a hundred years ago. I like to think Cricket magazine is reviving this tradtion, of offering literary magazines to children.


Free May/June issue:
Google Play: