Monday, August 24, 2015

London Themed 3D Stickers Purchase

I bought London theme stickers from this Etsy store a while ago. (It says sorry it's sold but I'm not sorry because it was me. :) I searched for 3D stickers and found them. Stickers are great if you're into the new Let's Send More Snail Mail phase (which I am). They make nice decorations on letters and in journals. Between stickers and coloring books, I think people will realize children get all the good things. When will they start a playground for adults? I want to play on the slides without getting weird looks.

The stickers came wrapped in red tissue paper, and the envelope was quite pretty as well. It made opening the package fun too, instead of just the item.

Things I Wished Existed In the Blogging World

1. A service where you can find tech savvy people to do blogging chores for you, like adding a navigation bar, explain how to post text under pictures and not mess it up, and perhaps coding classes for those who want to learn. (But it is possible some people just want to have others do these things for them, you know).

2. An article explaining how to find people who will actually like your blog. Stop with the 10,000 articles how to increase your followers. There needs to be more on how to find your niche audience, e.g tips on picking the perfect post title so people find you, etc. It seems like having a good description helps, so if you write a mommy blog you should mention that. Or "teenage homeschooler" etc, people usually search for blogs they can relate to. Blogland should be an organized place, where everyone can find what they want easily. If there is such a good free directory that exists, I have not found it yet.

3. A law firm/service that connects bloggers with lawyers who can help with sweepstakes laws, images, FTC disclosures, etc. For the average blogger who might not need that, clear explanation of the pertinent laws on the website (for free or as a course) should be provided.

4. A list of unpopular link parties, i.e link parties with few link ups. It appears these parties are more effective in getting your post seen. I would always be in a worry this master list gets popular, though.

Is there anything you wish existed in Blogand? There needs fo be structure in the Blogspot Candy Factory!

Justin's Snack Packs Intro, & Milk Cups and Almond Butter Short Review

It surpised me to read blogs, and see how oft mentioned Justin's peanut butter cups are. Maybe it's because 
we-correctly-don't look into friends snack cupboards when visiting. So perhaps the Internet is the best way to find out about people's snack loves.

Firstly, Justin's has a new product called the snack pack (almond butter and pretzels, the picture will explain :) 

And, they give you options for the almond butter so they come in three flavours: Maple Almond, Chocolate Hazlenut, Classic Almond.

Food For Thought: I spelled flavours with a "u," it Just(came)In naturally. Google's spellcheck is calling me out on it, by the way! But it occurred to me: doesn't it save space in books and time to write these words without the u? #scoreamericans 

Next, the milk chocolate peanut butter cups are quite tasty. They seem to be a national favorite right now. Goodbye, Reeses.

The almond butter is also good, it contains sugar by the way. You will never know you are not eating peanut butter (for those who are weaning off that stuff). Here is a snack of the classic almond butter and jam, with roasted peanuts on the side.

What is your favorite Justin's item, if you have tried any?