Sunday, July 17, 2016

Peanut Butter Cups Review

1. Justin's. Very good, I've had the milk chocolate on numerous occasions but no others unfortunately. These are the most popular. 

2. Atkins
You may be surprised to know the diet program Atkins makes peanut butter cups. Their ingredients are not 100% ok, since the main focus seems to be less carbs. Also if you want an alternative to M&M's you should try their peanut candies, they're really good. You can can buy them on Amazon.

Atkins Peanut Candies with Forgotten Ice Cream and Let's Do Organic ice cream cones. 

3. Unreal Peanut Butter Cups
These are my favorite, because I love the smaller company brands. They taste good too.

Non Gmo
Fair Trade USA certified
some are vegan

4. Newman's Organic
I haven't tried them yet, but am listing them in case anyone wishes to do so.

Pretty and Cute Things Roundup

Hipster Row website

Their vintage and cherry theme clutches are my favorite. Here a couple of their aprons (disclaimer: I won them) 

Betsey Johnson Purses
I think floral is beautiful which is why I like these purses. Betsey uses a lot of flowers (and bows). A lot of her designs are more food related too, like pretzel and milkshake purses. The first two pictures below were taken at Nordstorm Rack.

Small size from Amazon for $29.99 (this pattern is no longer available)

Lauren B Beauty 

Pretty polishes! 

Little Miss Matched

They sell cozy, fuzzy, ankle, and other types of socks aimed at girls, also available in adult sizes. Most of them are three socks (that don't match of course!) sold in a set.

Here are mine:

And a sock change purse I bought:


They have interesting patterns. I was considering orange but bought watermelon instead.